Electromechanical Systems Engineering

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Dr. Clement A. Skalski


Publically-Available Documents

(Some available on-line as PDF files.  E-mail for copies of the rest.)

  1. Active Vibration Control for Elevators, IEEE CT Mini-Confererence, Control Systems - Theory and Applications; Nov, 2005.

  2. Succeeding With Innovative Product Ideas. IEEECNC Newsletter; Jun 2001.

  3. Use of Modern Technology to Improve Elevator Safety, NAESA workshop; Oct. 1996.

  4. Elevator Vibration Reduction Using Closed-Loop Controls, presented at United technologies Engineering Coordination Activity (UTECA) meeting; 1995 (not publically available).

  5. High-Performance Elevator Control System, presented at Industry Application Society (IAS-IEEE) Annual Meeting in Mexico (1983.  This paper was reprinted in Elevator World; Nov, 1984.

  6. The Air-Core Linear Synchronous Motor - An Assessment of Current Development, Mitre Corp. Tech. Rept. MTR-7028 (public document no longer available fron NTIS, request PDF from Skalski Associates).

  7. Application of a General Analysis for Single-Side Linear Induction Motors, IEE Conference on Linear Electric Motors, London; Oct, 1974.

  8. Performance of Magnetic Suspensions for High-Speed Vehicles Operating Over Flexible Guideways, ASME Transactions, JOURNAL OF DYNAMIC SYSTEMS, MEASUREMENT, AND CONTROL;Jun, 1974.

  9. A General Analysis for Spherical Electromagnetic Bearings, PhD Thesis in Electrical Engineering, Northeastern University; Apr, 1972.

  10. Application of Electromagnetic Pressure Phenomena to Inertial Instrucment Engineering, 1969 Symposium on Unconventional Inertial Sensors.

  11. Comparison of Actively Leveled Test Platforms, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INSTRUMENTATION AND MESUREMENT; Mar, 1968.

  12. Capacitance Distance Transducer, PROCEEDING OF THE IEEE; Jan 1968.

  13. Results Obtained with Tunnel Diode Superregenerative Receivers, PROCEEDINGS OF THE IRE; Oct, 1962.

  14. Negative-Resistance Distributed Amplifier, PROCEEDINGS OF THE IRE; Nov, 1960.